Our Brands

Earl Campbell products are always a favorite on the grill. This dominant regional brand offers unique mild and hot flavors that appeal to all consumers. Visit the Earl Campbell website for more information.


Texas Smokehouse brisket and old fashion sausage are slow smoked the traditional “Texas” way. Using a variety of hardwoods, these items are slow smoked for maximum flavor. They are served in some of best Texas BBQs.

Singletree Farms is our family value line. Offering a great tasting wholesome products at a value price. There are multiple varieties and flavor profiles available, including: Hot, BBQ, and Regular Smoked Sausages. These are available in natural casings and skinless.


Chefs in-a-Bag is a patented, innovative process. These fully cooked economical sauces and sides are developed for the food service and deli industries. There are a variety of convenient Chefs in-a-Bag options, including: Chili and Commodity Items.

Cajun Hollar products are full of traditional true “Louisiana” Cajun flavor and spice. Products include Boudin, and Andouille sausage. Always taste great on the grill or in a favorite recipe.